What This Website Is All About


Hi, thank’s for coming to my website; in it you will see the following information.

About myself.  Mainly from my first venture into business until the present day.

There’s also a story I am presently writing – when I find the time!  This story is fundamentally true.  The beginning is based on my life as a child. As I go onto adulthood however I have had to fictionalise it.

I would appreciate your comments to which I will reply. Please do not criticise the expletives because in truth that is how we were. That is how I spoke. I’m sure there were lot’s of children who were brought up in life to a very much higher standard – I was not fortunate to be one of the lucky ones.

I promise to help you as much as I can.  I will help and guide you along the way to understanding how to create for yourself a living from the Internet and will endeavour to advise you against so alleged gurus promising you everything if you just part with your money. Ask me first before you pay out any money.

I will make available a list of all the products I have reviewed and how you can find out what they are all about. Indeed if you go to “my posts” you will find there plenty of programs that I have already reviewed. Any you find that you like you will have to pay a fee for.  I’m sorry but I didn’t write them; however I think you will find that the costs are very little and you will receive good value. I have endeavoured to add free bonuses to each product that will be delivered with each purchase, usually at least three but invariably more.  In many instances you will find that the free bonuses out weigh in value what you will be purchasing. 

In the meanwhile  —  If you want to start learning about being creative within the Internet or how you can earn a living online then you don’t need to reach for your credit card.  There is an organisation that will teach all the fundamentals free of charge until such times as you have a good grasp of what the Internet is all about.  Then if you want to upgrade onto more sophisticated things they will charge you a reasonable fee to continue. You only accept this if you want to and truth is, with what they teach you you can earn the fees, and a lot more.

I promise you they are the very best  —  in the world.

The Wealthy Affiliate (Click here)

This will be added to as we go along life’s pathway