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Annual Revenue £100 Billion

When I was looking at this business several months ago it was so much more expensive to create apps. I was having to use a guy in India to build each app which added a lot of expense which I was having to pass on to the person I was selling the app to.
Also I was paying the Indian chap a monthly fee per app thereafter which was also being passed on to the ultimate owner of the app.
Now it’s so much simpler because Ad Mob Machine will teach you how to create the app yourself so now when you approach the restaurateur, or the taxi company etc, you can charge them a fee for designing the app specifically for them.

You can also charge them a small monthly fee for running the app most of  which can now go straight into “your” pocket.

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With a new app now you can use it to perform all sorts of business generating tricks and increase your profits considerably in the process.
To mention one  —  if you have a restaurant and you find that a particular night is too quiet all you have to do is prepare and send out a message to all your app owners;  everyone is guaranteed to get it because the message flashes up on their mobile phones every time – without fail automatically.
The message could be that on a particular evening for the next 4 weeks two people coming in for dinner could have a free bottle of wine – you’d be booked solid overnight for that evening in no time.
There are 100’s of business tricks you can get up to to increase turnover. Probably 1000’s
Now I have no fear of putting my hand on my heart and swearing to you that if you have a business then this is genuinely a business idea that you really ought to participate in. 
On the other hand if you are looking to start a very nice inexpensive business then start pushing apps out to businesses – It’s the way everything is going.
To coax you along I’m going to offer you 4 free bonuses if you purchase the Ad Mob Machine whilst you are here. I might go so far to write that the value of my bonuses are far more that the cost of the Ad Mob Machine. Don’t forget  —  if you are not completely happy with this transaction you can have a full no quibble  money back.

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