What is “Launchify”?

Launch jacking renewed.
Launchify is an brand new, untapped form of launch jacking developed by 
Matt MacKinnon & Piyush Harne, which is incredibly powerful yet simple to use.

 Time To Make More Money
You’ll be amazed at how much money you & your list have 
been leaving on the table all this time…until now.
How To Do It Now.
We step outside the realm of traditional youtube launch jacking, and show you 
a completely unsaturated method to dominate and make serious money.
This method consistently provides us a 1600% ROI!
Watch as we turn a $20 budget into $1600 in commissions in 5 days.

This is about a system of making money that goes by another name called Launch-Jacking.

What It’s All About.
I have studied this for about 2 years and paid a few so called Gurus for their systems. Fundamentally it’s about doing a deal with a person who is launching a new program that’s coming on the market soon where you will do a review of his/her program for an agreed percentage of the selling price if you manage to sell any through your review.

Make More Money
The guys who have put Launchify together reckon I’ve been walking away and leaving a heck of a lot of money on the table.  I don’t think I have  —  but let’s face it  —  anything these days is possible.

Worth Every Penny
So the asking price for this software that will produce for me $9K+ per month will cost me $17.  The way I see it  —  if their system produces half of that each month then it’s certainly worth a measly $17.  If it doesn’t produce that amount of money then I can ask for my money back and legally they will be obliged to give it to me.

Try The New Way
The concept I can assure you is excellent and if I can in fact get more money on the table —  fantastic. 

A Bargain
I will in fact make quite sure that you get great value for you outlay of $17. I will give you 4 FREE BONUSES that will more than cover your cost . . . 

Let’s get at it!

Here’s a video with one of the producers of this software telling you what it’s all about

So if you’re as convinced as I am you can purchase this software here to qualify for your 4 FREE BONUSES


And below are you 4 free bonuses

Make Money Online Made Easy

Blogging Your Way To Financial Success

How To Create and Launch New Products Every Month

make Money Hosting Trivia ContestsPurchase Launchify through this my link.

Send a copy of your receipt to

tommy@tommystuart.comTommy Stuart

Bonuses will be sent out after refund period.  Thank you.

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