About Me

I am Scottish, my name is Tommy Stuart. I was born in Glasgow in 1938, just before the Second World War and this brief history is about me!

I was brought up like a little readymade tramp; I won’t go into too much detail, but enough said when I tell you that when I was seven I was getting myself up in the mornings and taking myself to school. (Mum and dad had gone to work in the steel works at 6 am). I would find the socks I had to wear, that had never been washed since the day they were bought; the accumulated ground-in sweat in the socks was so hard part of the socks were solid and I could snap off the bits I didn’t need any more and put my foot into what was left, enough to turn the toe bit under — if it was possible — so as you couldn’t see the holes that were there in the proper heals area of the socks.

I would then ram my foot into the shoe that had a cardboard bit cut out and inserted inside to cover the holes in the soles. The rest of my clothing matched my shoes and socks. I’m sure you get the picture!

The house I lived in had nothing worth stealing and so the door was never locked. Everything of worth; which very little, was in the pawnshop across the road; they came out of the pawnshop on Fridays when my mum and dad  got paid and went back in on Mondays after
they had been used over the weekend.

Nothing much changed until just before I became 17 years of age. I took myself down to an army recruiting centre and joined up for 3 years. I became a weapons training instructor and so was quickly promoted to full corporal and then and was sent off to fight off communist terrorists in Malaya – before Singapore became independent.

I came out of the army just before my 21st birthday. I remember that on the very day I became 21 I didn’t even get a verbal “Happy Birthday” from my mother or father — but then I was used to that kind of treatment so it didn’t bother me so much. I stuck it out there for about six months then decided it was time for a change.

I left home and went to live in Inverness, a place where I was really happy. After I had been there for about 6 months I started my first business with a few employees. We called around houses knocking on doors talking people into allowing us to give sewing machine demonstrations in an effort to sell the machines to them on easy payments. It was a good business until I found one of my employees forging the agreements to get the commission from me – – his antics closed me down.

I had made a friend when in the army who lived in Stockport, Cheshire, England and I decided to go and visit him where I have lived ever since.

Starting A Business with Nothing

When you have very little money it’s not easy to start a business. I started my first business in 1963. All I had was determination and a will not to work for a boss. At that time women wore nylon stockings and a pair of stockings would barely last a week; so I went around the houses where I lived knocking on doors asking to speak to the ladies of the house. I told them I had a stocking delivery service and that I would deliver to them a new pair of stockings every week of the correct size and shade. Crazy — I know! But it worked. I did quite well out of that and managed to become the very proud owner of my first brand new  vehicle — a grey mini-van. I believed that everyone I drove past was looking at me drive this “wonderful brand new vehicle”– as I thought – and I felt really proud of my achievement.

Later on I increased my capital and sold my nylon stocking business to an American chap who was living over here. I decided to start buying clothing from importers and put the clothing out to people who had lots of friends, or who worked with a lot of people to whom they could sell to. They would put their own profit on top of my asking price. I would call on them every week and collect my money for what they had sold — and take back what they couldn’t and leave them some new merchandise. Another original idea and I must say – again – it worked very well.

Now I Have a Little Money

I now started selling into shops — who would have though it possible to buy from an importer and sell into shops in the same city? — but it worked very well, so well in fact that next I opened my own warehouse — and before I could blink I was flying to Hong Kong and Portugal where I had my own shirts made and started selling them into stores and to people who visited my warehouse. Lots of the shirts were made of Bri-nylon — they were boxed and were the cheapest in the whole country so they sold well in bulk. I now went out and bought my first sports car, a bright red Ferrari. Now people WERE looking at me when out and about! I must admit, living became a bit wild then and I just about ran that business into the ground taking with me just enough money to start up the next business.

They say that money makes money … how true. I next started buying derelict type houses with the profits I was making from the clothing business; I got together a gang of builder lads who would renovate them for me then I would re-sell for a profit. I would own about 10 houses at any one time so as I could keep my gang working no matter what type of weather we had to put up with.

Now I’m On the Crest of a Wave

In the meanwhile, I started up another company specializing in video films; buying them from the organizations that had made the original films and then produced the videos … firms like Warner My CarBrothers …MGM … Walt Disney … CIC … and many others.

To start with I bought a high roofed van – had it carpeted and put racks all around the inside, displaying the video films I had available to rent. Each evening I drove around one of the biggest housing estates near where I lived renting my videos out to the local people and collecting them back in next day.

I took myself more and more into the video business, opening 32 large video rental shops and the biggest warehouse for the sale or rental of video films in the Northwest of England. But to do that I had to sell off all the houses I owned and put the proceeds into expanding my video company. I was living the life of Riley; bought a top of the range Porsche 928 GTI and a beautiful house for myself . . . I gave my girlfriend a Lotus Esprit Turbo to drive around in. I had come a long way since my business beginnings when I had purchased £20 of stockings to sell to my friends.

The Beginning of the Slippery Slope

This was now the 1980’s and the base rate for the banks reached a crushing 17%. Businesses were closing down everywhere. Then catastrophe struck; Rupert Murdoch launched Sky Movies onto the television broadcasting scene which meant that people didn’t need to leave their homes to go out to a video store and hire a video to watch a movie, they could do it all from home and book it via the telephone. Truth is I should never have left the property business.  If I’d stayed in it I would now be a multi-millionaire.  —  gutted!

Absolutely Penniless Again

During the 1980’s up to 1999 life took an almighty change of circumstances. My mother died … then my sister died … then my business folded overnight making me penniless … I mean absolutely stony broke because I had put everything I owned into the business to save it, selling the offices we had occupied, which I owned, and various other properties; I also raised the mortgage on my house to the maximum and paid that into the company bank account … but all to no avail.

Thinking About Topping Myself

I sat at home staring at a wall contemplating suicide having lost more than a million pounds … then to make matters worse I had to go and meet the Official Receiver who made me personally bankrupt, took my house off me although they allowed me to stay there while they decided what to do with it; I couldn’t sink much lower … so I thought; but I did because the police visited me at home to ask all sorts of questions about my expired business. To run my business I had employed a chartered accountant – who incidentally would turn up for work in his Rolls Royce – Also my solicitor who had become the managing director of my company . In fact, although I was the sole owner of the business being the entire share holder of the Limited Company such as it was, they had had a lot of control. What I didn’t know was that the accountant had been raising money on our assets selling the same property several times over — a lot of the money that I never saw – – fraud! Eventually we were all taken to court.

Straight to Jail — Literally!

I didn’t feel threatened during the 9 week trial — I mean I had been the guy who had been putting everything he owned into the bank of the company to save it and taken nothing out. I had even increased the mortgage on my house by £70,000 and put that also into the bank — I thought, surely the judge will see that and exonerate me.

No chance! You can imagine my shock when the judge found the accountant and the solicitor guilty of fraudulent trading and said that because I was the beneficial owner I had to have known what was happening and so sentenced me to 12 months’ prison — Arrrgggghhhh! To make matters worse when I went into the big house my best pal died. He was a great guy and I loved him dearly; the worst bit was the prison authority wouldn’t allow me to go to his funeral.

Having lost my business, I lost over one million pounds. — The Official Receiver made me personally bankrupt, took my house off me —and I  was locked up in prison — How do you come back from that? I have to write here that I owe a lot to my lovely wife whose trust and faith in me was tremendously gratifying. She helped me understand that I had made and lost one business then I could make others. I had been down the road of success so I knew the route. I still had a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. If I succeeded once in business then I could do it again.

The Millennium – A New Beginning – From Scratch

I got out of prison the day before Christmas; the millennium was happening and I was totally destitute. I had to ask Linda for the money to buy a glass of beer at the local pub. It was whilst there one night that I got into a conversation with a guy standing at the bar next to me; he told me about an idea whereby I could start and run a national store maintenance business that could be started from scratch from home; all you needed was enthusiasm, a telephone, a computer, the internet and the will to succeed.

Here We Go Again

I created a company called The National Maintenance Team and the idea was I would telephone the biggest business chains in the UK — businesses that individually owned 300 – 700 stores throughout the UK. It was hard work to get to the ear of the person in charge of each company’s maintenance department but with perseverance I managed, telling them that my maintenance business extended throughout the entire UK and that we could cover any emergency no matter what, anywhere in the UK and Ireland. When the maintenance jobs started coming in I simply used the Internet to find the tradesmen I needed where ever I needed them and I signed them up on mini contracts whereby they would allow me to keep 20% off the cost of each repair job and I would pay them the difference I soon moved into nice offices and in one year  managed to put £100,000 cash into my pocket and started a financial  company helping people who were in debt –

Debt Management.

I left my wife to run the debt management company with a staff of 8 and started selling satellite systems into pubs earning me on a good week about £5000.

Football was very popular in pubs and pulled a lot of customers in on big match days, but it was very expensive for the landlords  costing anything from £500 per week for the license to show the football. My deal to the Landlord was that using a satellite system  the football could be beamed in from other countries so long as it was  shown in English. I made a profit of £1000 per deal (equivalent to 2 weeks license money) and the landlord saved a fortune.

Life was good again — I bought my wife a Mercedes Sports and myself my first BMW 640 Sports. YIPPPPPEEEEEEE I’M BACK! I got 10 years out of the financial business but had to close down because of new governmental rules and regulations. Despite the fact that we had been trading in this line of business for the past 10 years and that we and had never had a complaint, the government decreed that we didn’t have enough experience and declined our next annual trading license. The satellite system business also eventually collapsed because of European legislation making it totally illegal to show premiership football other than using UK’s Skye Television who held the license. Sky had hit me for a second time!

In The Shit Again

Life has been bleak since then with my wife Linda getting throat cancer and other health problems rendering her disabled and we’ve had to live off my savings for the past 3 years which are now just about gone. But I’ve been looking at the Internet which I firmly believe is the business of the future. I know for a fact there are guys and gals out there in this great big world earning £5,000 – even £20,000 per week. Believe me I am not exaggerating and so it is my intention to have myself a piece of that beautiful pie.

I’m Now 80 Years Young. Why Not Join Me!

If you are like me – retired – or just going through a bad patch in your life then I want you to join me and so I will be there to help you if I can — I have a lot of business experience you can tap into and it would give me great pleasure to help you — absolutely no charge. And who knows – perhaps you’ll help me. In the meanwhile if you would like to join me in an adventure into earning a living in the Internet there is a course that I took that is absolutely free — no kidding. They will teach you via the Internet how to build your first website and basic stuff like that and when you understand what it’s all about you can move to a higher level and pay a small monthly fee that you can earn back with what they will have already taught you. You can phone me – I’m in the UK – so it’s 0161 4840383 or my mobile 07738095398 or email me – tommy@tommystuart.com I would dearly love to hear from you.

… Make Way For Another Chapter . . .

Not being as nimble as I once was I cannot go outside to make money and so I have decided to adopt the Internet. I have read up on so many people making a fortune online — some as much as $10,000 every week and the nice thing about making a large amount of money online is that you can go travelling the world like so many of these guys do – because your business is in your laptop that you can tuck under your arm and the whole world’s population are your potential customers.

When I first started doing this work online my friends used to ask me what I’m doing and I would tell them what I’m aiming for and I can tell that no one believed or presently believes me. But I can assure “you” it’s true. If you decide to follow me and try your luck then my advice to you is never under any circumstances tell your friends that you are aiming to earn $10,000 per week online because they will just laugh their socks off AND IT IS VERY – NO!  EXTREMELY – DISCOURAGING. So keep it to yourself – and BELIEVE ME — IT IS POSSIBLE.

Type into your computer “Affiliate” and read up on what it’s all about. Have a look at the various characters that profess to be affiliates and be very careful about all the hundreds of offers you will get to teach you how it’s done. They just want your money and they are so clever about disguising the fact. They all want to “help” you. I hate to admit it but I have spent $1000’s trying to master the art and I feel I’m only just beginning to win through. I will teach you what I know FOR FREE and guide you as much a possible — if you want me too, so if you need any help do not hesitate to contact me.

May your god give you happiness and a good life,

Tommy Stuart Phone –  Skype : tommystu2471