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In this website, in the “posts” section you will find a list of all the products I have reviewed – how much they cost – and what I think about them. Any you find that you like you will have to pay a fee for but they all are very inexpensive and so you can receive good value for your money. (You can see a list of these products on the right side of this page) and you can read up on how they can benefit you.

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In the meanwhile  —  If you want to start learning about being creative within the Internet, or how you can earn a living online, then you can do so and you don’t need to reach for your credit card.  There is an organisation that will teach all the fundamentals free of charge until such times as you have a good grasp of what the Internet is all about. 

To join is free of charge  ––  You can have a temporary domain FOC — They will teach you how to build your first website FOC  — You can host your website on their site FOC  —  They have a world wide community you can chat to   —  So hand on my heart I recommend them as the very best in the world.

 Then if you want to upgrade onto more sophisticated things they will charge you a reasonable monthly fee to continue. You only accept this if you want to and truth is, with what they teach you you can earn the fees, and a lot more using your newly learned stuff on the Internet

I promise you they are the very best  —  in the world.

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The Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate  (WA) are truly the best in the world so much so that they have been recognised and mentioned by their own government which is Canada.   There is nothing they miss out in their tutorials – Absolutely everything  worth knowing about the Internet is taught here. One thing I found particularly helpful was the community forum they have which amounts to thousands of students from all over the world you can chat to and ask questions about anything you are not sure about – and get answers  — and make friends!

If you have any good money-making ideas I would love to hear about them and pass them on to people who are desperate to earn some money; also it would be nice to here from you – the world is a fairly friendless place .

Down the right side of this page you will see a list of over 100 money making ideas for sale. They cover many aspects of the Internet an
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