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Pitchbolt Review

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Pitchbolt Polls is a built in feature that allows users to conduct polls on real-time while presenting their projects. CEOs CMOs, & Sales Reps can now make presentations to hundreds of people about their products and services and instantly get feedback without sending questionnaires, emails or hire an agency to conduct polls. This is a very effective way to get quality feedback from target audience or prospective clients – reducing cost and time spent conducting traditional market survey. Pitchbolt saves time required to organize your presentation – creating slides, searching for images, finding best design and color for your project. Your presentations are automatically generated using Pitchbolt’s AI powered slide generator to create slides from it’s beautifully designed themes & add images to each slide matching its content. Users can also make adjustments using the Pitchbolt Editor tool. Pitchbolt presentations are pure html which makes the total size of presentation less than 1mb this means users will stream webinars seamlessly in real time no matter there internet connection speed with no lag!

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